Club Membership


Please call for details on our gold, silver and bronze membership. (01628782113)

Benefits of WakePlus membership:

  • Priority booking up to 90 days in advance instead of the 4 days to non members.
  • No limit on the number of bookings in place at any one time e.g you could book the 9.30 slot every Sunday (subject to the usual cancellation policy) Non Members will be limited to 2 bookings.
  • FREE use of club equipment.
  • 5 FREE tows for every person you introduce to the club who subsequently takes up a membership. (In the same season.)
  • FREE cable membership and the chance to buy cable sets at discounted rates.
  • Discounts on block booking credit tows.
  • Credits remaining on the system at the end of the season will be carried forward to the next, but will be subject to payment of any difference in price.
  • Reduced BWSW membership. N.B. BWSW membership is a mandatory requirement for all boat members of a BWSW affiliated club.

Click here for details of BWSW membership benefits