Kids Groups, Party Options and Pricing


Sessions are tailored to your needs with:

Pure fun rides on Bananas, Donuts or U-Tube
Waterski or Wakeboard lessons with our qualified instructors

Or a combination of both.

Pricing (includes all equipment) Boats and Drivers by the hour. The numbers of participants we can cater for depends on how long you want and what activities you would like to do. Call us to chat about the best options.

NEW Add another dimension to your party program with our ALL NEW CABLE TOW.  Allows us to cater for more kids without them getting bored.

Max Number of participants. Boat per hour (including all equipment).1 hour cable (up to 6 people)30 min cable add on.
6£150.00 £75 (including all equipment)£40.00

Plus……if your child enjoys the formal lessons, we can help them develop their talents with the aid of British Water Ski’s Cutting Edge Program. Click below for Cutting Edge