Wakeboarding is the fastest growing water sport around. Tricks and moves with names like “scarecrow” and “tantrum” are there to impress – and they do. Once you have mastered the basics, even just getting some height off the wake is a real buzz. As with waterskiing, with the help of our training boom we will have you boarding in no time. Then its time for Big Air!! And it’s up to you how many tricks you want to learn.
Wakeboarding2Already proficient?
So, you can already ride to a good level and get big air with some decent grabs, and you do a really cool powerslide. Our Mastercraft X-Star will give you that tournament level wake to help get the extra height for that perfect Raley or Tantrum or our brand new Moomba Mobius LSV, 330 horse power with  1800 lbs ballast. So don’t hang about, drop in here, call us on 07905 362958, e-mail us for more details, or click for details of our courses.