Water skiing is a sport in which an individual is pulled behind a boat or a over a body of water, skimming the surface. The sport requires exceptional upper and lower body strength, as well as good balance and muscular endurance. At wakeplus we start teaching waterskiing on 2 skis for anyone from the age of approx. eight years old. All beginners are helped by our instructors on land first then start on our boom at the side of the boat. Everyone is encouraged to progress at their own speed but it takes no time to progress and you will soon be crossing the wakes with ease. Intermediate Level. After mastering crossing both wakes we encourage people to learn to drop a ski and learn to mono ski,much more exciting and physically challenging and rewarding most skiers like to make this progression. Our instructors can guide you through this progress skiing behind our new Moomba Outback Ski boat. For an even greater challenge we can also teach you slalom skiing on our full and half course. Slalom water skiing also uses only one ski with two plates, a front boot and either a toe plate, When slalom skiing is done properly, the skier will experience numerous isometric contractions (good training for core muscles), and extreme upper body torque, making it a good form of exercise. Competitive slalom water skiing involves maneuvering around six buoys that are placed equal distances on opposite sides on the wake from each other. The skier must maneuver around all six buoys while being pulled at a specific speed to complete one “pass.”