For beginners and seasoned boarders

Wakeboarding is a great sport to get you on the water. It is a sport that can be enjoyed at all levels, whether you want to do it a few times a year and just enjoy the thrill of being pulled around the lake by one of our boats or whether you want to push yourself to be able to do many different tricks. Whatever your level, every time you visit us we will be working to improve your style and technique, every tow is a lesson! If there is a group of you our boats are big enough to get you all on the water (subject to Covid guidelines) so that you can share the experience and learn from each other. And don’t worry about the size of the wake, we can produce a wake to suit everyone, our 2020 Air Nautique 210 has the capability to produce a wake just for you at a push of a button!


£37 for 15mins
(+£3 equipment hire if required)

Age recommendation

8+ (for younger children give us a call)

Session times

Closed until further notice

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