Wake Surfing

Surf the biggest wave

Wake Surfing is a relatively new sport compared to water skiing and wakeboarding but it has grown tremendously in the last few years and in the UK it started at Taplow Lakeside! It involves free surfing behind a specialised wake surfing boat i.e. without being attached to the boat like you would be if you were skiing or wakeboarding. The boat creates a wave that pushes you in the water. Our Super Air Nautique can produce a wave to suit everyone, from those new to surfing to professionals competing in the big events around the world. Although Wake Surfing is a sport in it’s own right we also have many traditional surfers who come to us to practice, the key difference being they can be on the wave for the whole 15 minutes set, that's a lot of wave time!


£37 for 15mins

(+£3 equipment hire if required)

Age recommendation

11+ (for younger children give us a call)

Session times

Closed until further notice

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